‘I have all my faculties’

Florence Edith Birkett

I can see I can hear I can touch I can smell and I can taste

I feel emotion

I don’t take any medication

I don’t smoke

I rarely drink alcohol

I have a husband

I have three children

I am well

I can move

I can speak

I am alive

I am not alone

I live where things feel safe

The air I breathe is clean

I have felt the sun and the difference it makes with its beam into my life

The sun is the same sun the world over yet it reaches out and affects different countries in the world in so many diverse ways; and even when it isn’t warming us we can easily forget it brings the light

The wind isn’t just the wind it can come in force I have said of that tempestuous wind that I don’t like it but the breeze on a summer’s day I am grateful for on my face

Hail is a fascinating thing I used to love it as a child it was something unusual a break from the norm, but now working outside I don’t welcome it on my shoulders as there is sure to be some of it ends up down the back of my neck



Ice can be so beautiful but not on top of frozen water troughs when I have to break through them and be careful of cutting my fingers on the sharp edges

And magical snow that creates an almost unrecognisable world with its blanket of white can be such a unwanted treat when it covers the grass which is feed for the sheep

And the rain in all its various volumes and guises. ‘That rain is really wetting today’ drizzle mizzle lashing, pissing, pouring down. And after a dry spell always welcome

I live with the elements and experience every season


I see the colours all year round sometimes dark sometimes grey but still there is beauty in the tones in the landscape shape and definition


Varied under foot hard soft wet dry deep shallow cold warm

The variation I experience is a gift everyday every moment I live and breathe is a gift


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  1. Aly says:

    Life is a gift and it’s wonderful when you can appreciate all those details and be thankful for them. I’m noticing these simple things do make me happy as I have got older. I drive the kids mad constantly commenting on the sky or the light on the fields when we are out walking Alfie. Keep noticing and enjoying it all x

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