Life Divine

Life is a series of expansions and contractions.


As the seasons change, from Spring and Summer’s expansion to Autumn’s grounded withdrawal, I also feel a pull within myself to slow down and contract. Whilst work doesn’t become less on the farm in winter because the cows come inside until May; there is a strong urge to make the most of the daylight hours we have by focusing on simple daily life. That is not to say my awareness has ceased to expand I just feel I want to keep more in time with Mother Nature than modern day time.

In between time, there is a space and that is where we find peace. A split second gap between the in breath and the out breath, between the out breath and the in.

The space within which we live.

Feel it now as you breathe, notice the pause between the beginning and the end, the end and the beginning.


We are taught to concentrate on the breath in meditation, and that does bring us into a calm state but if we allow our consciousness to notice the space, it is there we discover peace. This space exists in everything. And there is no need to stop to notice it, it is present all of the time in all that we do.

When a bird beats it’s wings there is a time in between when there is nothing. It is difficult to see but it is there.

The music is not in the notes,
but in the silence between.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Nothing, no thing.

That is divine.

Our lives present us all with a series of decisions: what to do, how to do it, who will I be? Who will I be with?

I realised recently that none of it matters if it only comes from the mind.

When children are still young we ask them, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I remember my eldest son Luke, aged 5 being asked that question and after a pause he replied, ” Luke.” He had a point there.

There has been a philosophy around for some years about manifestation. The science of your thoughts attracting what you wish for. Focus on wealth and you will be wealthy, focus on lack and you will lack. I do believe in the power of manifestation but I don’t believe that we know what we need to manifest. The answer is so much less than what we think we need, but it is also so much more than what we think we need too.

Needing more of something: wealth, beauty, power, fame, objects, experiences … in reality you believe they will ultimately add something to who you are, or even make you into someone else. But mostly there is a belief that things will make you happy – they won’t. They may give you that impression for a while but it is not a permanent state, it is passing.

Achievements, becoming someone, goal setting, target reaching, raising self esteem boosting confidence, there is never a point where you have got there, because there doesn’t exist. It requires more, more and still more; it is an addiction to self expansion.

There isn’t a there which we need to get to we only need to be here and here is here NOW.

That ‘stuff’ is the breath and of course it is part of life, and it is everybody’s choice to live it as they wish. I am definitely not saying I am right and others are wrong, I am merely sharing what has come to me lately. I know many people who have worked very hard to achieve success and have a wealthy life and that doesn’t necessarily make them unhappy.

I too have spent time manifesting in the past and working with abundance consciousness also, but I see now that it is avoiding the bigger picture.

When we allow our minds to decide for us what life will be it is not in line with our purpose. It is only contributing to you and yours, me and mine, it is not giving consideration to everyone and everything.

I realised a while back that our true life’s purpose is to love. To allow love to flow into all aspects of your own life, and all aspects of other people’s lives. I then thought that if that’s the purpose there needs to be a point. I knew that must be play but I mistakenly got caught up in a trap there and thought that it was entirely acceptable for our play to be about anything as long as we weren’t hurting anyone, but the play may have no purpose at all and that is necessary, because the two are one.

Life for most is about what they want and it has absolutely no relation to our purpose.

Life is life and I know it isn’t easy and having things sometimes appears to make life easier, but that’s not the reality.

Reality is what happens when we allow the divine to work through us, when we become a vessel for love, light, hope, energy and peace to flow through us. When we give up thinking about ourselves and become present. When we make space, not just in the mind but in our whole being.

There have been very few true spiritual teachers in our time as humans, compared to the number of humans there have been. Many are dead, some are still living.

Jesus, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Rumi, Eckhart Tolle, Dalai Lama

During their existence and after they have gone, they are the ones we quote; the ones which make sense to us and most importantly the ones we believe are the way.

And then we forget and go on living our life as we did before: materialistically, egotistically.

Sometimes when we read something it takes a long time to understand it and by that I don’t mean to understand it to comprehend it, that is only on a superficial level, what I mean here is to assimilate it. When we truly understand something spiritually, it inevitably becomes part of our being.

It is there we experience the nothing, the nowhere, the space, the silence, the indescribable which we have no knowledge of but we all seem to know it when we meet it. And this nothing is expansive. Not in the material sense but in the spiritual sense.

At first I realised I could calm myself by becoming present. Silently watching my behaviours, not always just sometimes, I began to notice the ways I reacted to things, my actions and feelings.

Next I found it possible to access peace inside of myself at anytime.

A duality.

The first time I felt this was when I was feeling incredibly sad after the death of a white pigeon which had visited the farm. Here in grief, I noticed I was also feeling at peace. I found this incredible.

What I am describing is not something which can be easily put into words because it is an experience; the peace can be substituted for love, stillness, consciousness, warmth, energy, God, The Universe, The divine, Mother Nature, Light … it makes no difference to be honest, it doesn’t really matter because they are all the same thing.

It feels so familiar when we first experience it, we know we are home. And when you think about it why wouldn’t we feel at home because it the place from which we came from and it is what and who we are.

I asked my daughter recently if she had ever felt at peace and I was comforted to hear she knew what I meant and that she had. So I explained to her that peace exists all of the time we are in it and outside of it. The more we practice and become connected with peace it enables it to reveal itself fully to us.

It eventually becomes everything.

It is everything.

What is this space? It is not really possible to define.

It is simply the energy of love, light, peace, warmth, God, Nature, The Universe or The Divine. In truth, it is who we are and it is who we are not. To think it is our own self is the ego, to know it is as our true self, which is universally connected is the truth.

It is who we were before we came into the world, it who we are here to remember, and it is the place to which we will return.

I have experienced this many times recently and it is more than words, it goes much deeper, it is the space that exists at the poles of everything and inside everything, at the beginning and at the end.

We all begin human existence as the simplest thing you can imagine if you’re trying to picture life: a single cell – nothing, in other words, but a tiny, spherical bag of proteins. 

All the things we do, say, think, write, read, achieve … are the expansions and contractions. When you see that, what you do or say or who you are doesn’t really matter anymore. You – your self, becomes nothing and you smile at the hilarity of it all.

The Universe is expanding and there is a theory to suggest that if it slows down and loses momentum it will begin to contract and eventually die. Is that what people think will happen to them? If they keep expanding they won’t die? They will, their body will anyway. Why does that seem like something that isn’t supposed to happen? Every thing is born and then it dies.

When we align with this truth, when we realise we are the truth, when we see the natural world as truth we can then begin to live the truth. This does not mean everyday is easy but it does mean that you realise that what you are doing isn’t about yourself anymore, everyday is a spiritual practice. A chance to expand or awaken the consciousness of the world. There is no need for drama or story. It doesn’t matter what I am doing, if I am cleaning, cooking, milking, driving, reading or walking it is all spiritual practice.

And in between the something, there is something else laying dormant in the river which runs inside of you and that is creativity. Creativity is where your uniqueness lies.

There is only one you.

You are made from the same stuff as everyone else but nobody else can do the stuff the way you do. Your uniqueness can be used at work, in teaching, designing, managing … in hobbies, knitting, walking, baking, photography, fishing, running … in relationships. We are all creative beings, many people are creative throughout their lives, crafting experiences and ideas into moments. And miraculously for some, they use their inner artistry to manifest it from the spiritual realm into the physical realm, to make what we then call Art.

Art is the spiritual realm in physical form; that which we are all free to enjoy. Why else are we so moved by what we see and experience in life through Art: dance, song, music, film, drawings, paintings, photographs, writings, woodwork, pottery, gardening … it is often produced in a state of flow where we are not thinking at all, unconscious and in time with the divine.

Watch a child or an animal during free play, a lamb in a field, an infant in the park, there we witness the point of life, and the truth of life. Play in our flow, movement and creativity.

22/10/2018 from my notebook waiting for an appointment in the town car park

Children walking to school

Boy in red jumper every so often, spontaneously lifted his leg and swung his arm up to punch the air

Without thinking

Girl with pig tails squats down in the middle of the car park pauses and springs up and carries on

We are taught not to move

When we understand, truly understand, we can know who we truly are, and what we truly are: The divine, the spiritual realm manifested in a physical form on Earth.

When we rediscover what we have forgotten and then talk about it or write about it and share it, we assist others in remembering what they have forgotten too. Who they truly are. Together we will raise the consciousness in each other to enable the spiritual realm to be consciously manifest globally here on Earth.

Eventually Peace and Love will overcome.

13 Comments Add yours

  1. What a lovely response thank you for reading it. I am sometimes unsure if anyone will know what I am on about. So it is very touching indeed that you found clarity there and congruence to situations you have found yourself involved in. Sending love πŸ’• xxx

  2. Beautiful words, Lorraine. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, they really resonated with me. I love what you wrote about peace, it’s easy to think peace can only be found in the comfortable moments, but like you, I’ve come to realise even in the centre of a storm you can still feel peace xxx

  3. The process is long and can be difficult at times but it is not a choice once it has begun. Surrender to all that is πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› sending love Paula xxx

  4. paulathehybridcountrylife says:

    Beautiful words which resonate with my soul.
    To follow the EGO is to Edge God Out… Dr Wayne Dyer.

    I have followed Dr Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle and Guru Singh for some time now and they have helped clear my path to finding the Present! xx

  5. Thank you Lorna, definitely πŸ’›

  6. There’s a lot to be said for contentment isn’t there? Lovely post and beautiful photos.

  7. ❀❀❀ xxx

  8. So true. I feel privileged to be able to see that now. xxx

  9. Also the added fun that we are all too often busy chasing answers to what is our purpose and destiny that leads to the subtle clues being overlooked! Xxx

  10. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ thank you. On contemplation I think our purpose, purpose being universal and destiny being unique, is different to destiny, they are two different things. And destiny is not our choice but is given to us. And only us. Everybody is different in that way. Only with listening and letting go do we discover what that is. It isn’t outside of us is it. It is within and without xxx

  11. Beautiful words Lorraine, read that and was a definate shift for me-visibly relaxed and was like yeah, that! A sort of grounding into the cycle of nature, the modern time and expectations put on us, it does us good to notice those moments of no things. All too often feel guilty to sink into that natural earthy rhytmn as it is not what is accepted, life IS divine. Thankyou xxxx

  12. Dear Carol,
    I value your friendship. Life was complicated and troubled wasn’t it but it doesn’t have be that way anymore. I send you love πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› xxx

  13. birdietwee says:

    I felt moved reading this so so true ..grounding and comforting … blessings xxxx

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