Photography a daily practice

During work and walking I record the things I see daily.

I began training as a Primary School Teacher in 1994 and finished teaching in 2014 so previously I spent 20 years working with young children and I have also spent almost 20 years raising my own three children, my eldest is 19 in January, my youngest has just turned 11.

It is beautiful to be with the animals and to photograph them. They are not conscious of themselves but they don’t all wish to be photographed. Many will turn away when they see the camera.

Sometimes I will just wait and watch, look how the light catches them, watch their expression. Just be with them without conscious thought.

I launched a portrait photography business back in 2005 and ran it for 8 years along side teaching. I love reportage photography, the ones which capture a moment, the emotion and the energy there at the time.

In 2014 I had a physical breakdown working very long hours teaching, raising 3 children and living and working on a farm made it physically impossible for me to get out of bed. I finished work and I rested.

I did a counselling course and decided to become a counsellor.

The full time course ran every two years so I had intended to begin that in September 2016 but in August of that year my father in law was diagnosed with motor neurone disease and I became his almost full time carer. I began working more on the farm everyday milking where he left off and lambing full time for 2 months of the year.

In October 2018 I had a mental breakdown after an accumulation of mental health related events throughout my life dating back 30 years it finally came to the worst bout of mental illness I have ever experienced. I should have been in hospital but I couldn’t leave my husband or my family.

I took time out.

I waited.

I photographed.

I apologised.

I forgave.

Subsequently I have had a spiritual breakthrough, fully recovered and found a whole new perspective on life and being.

The photography I do depicts the landscape and the life within which I live.

The photographs are a reflection of the life within everything, the life inside us all and outside of us all.

I look for the light and capture the world spiritually.

This video is a collection of photographs from the last day out for the cows this year. They won’t be back out until May 2020.

November 2019.

801 & Dora had fallen out during the night. 801 entered the shippon in the morning pushing Dora.

Out in the field 801 stood in Dora’s personal space, Dora grazed near 801 for no other reason than to antagonise her. 801 struck first, Dora pushed back, but with less interest. 801 still bore a grudge and kept in close proximity; but it passed.

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