This soup

There is something about making and eating soup which can bring One into a state of being.

Simple ingredients.

Simple method.

One pot.

Bringing ingredients together to be at One with each other and everything.

No pressure no stress no attachment.

The very first time I experienced this feeling of being at one with everything was whilst I was baking shortbread years ago, I have also felt this whenever I make a one pot stew.

I say feel because it is of the body, mind & soul combined.

And in truth it is of everything and nothing.

There is still a duality present here when I talk about this, writing as if it were separate from myself, it isn’t, it is bringing our true self into being.


No effort no practice no thing just the ingredients, the preparation and One.

I am writing this post because I think many people have experienced this and they will see it as dependent on the thing they are doing.

It isn’t.

You may have experienced it when you have been present in nature, it may have happened when you see the sun rise or set, it might be there as you watch the flames dance in the fire; stroking your dog, your horse or another pet, or in the middle of night whilst you feed or cradle your baby.

This, stillness which is expansive and almost tangible.

If you have happened upon this state of being you will know.

In truth, it isn’t dependent on anything at all, it is just that during the practice of whatever it is, or whatever it isn’t, whatever that may be, it becomes apparent.

The more we accept and appreciate this the more this appears in everything.

It is present all of the time.


The recipe for this tomato soup and the method for those who would like to try it are here below:


12 large tomatoes, 1 large potato, 1 onion – I use red onions but white will suffice, it doesn’t matter, fresh basil 🌿, garlic (powder 2 flat teaspoons or fresh one piece) salt and pepper, brown sugar, 1 veg stock cube – I use Kallo not that that matters either


Hand blender or liquidiser, large pan with lid – wooden spoon, ladle (nice but not necessary)


  • Chop and then fry the onion with the lid on – it doesn’t have to be neat as it will all blend up smoothly
  • Chop up the tomatoes and add to the onion to fry a little
  • Mix
  • Peel and chop the potato and add to the pan
  • Add fresh basil about 8 leaves and a good pinch of salt and a little pepper – depending how you like your flavours then a dessert spoon of brown sugar
  • Add a stock cube and enough boiled water to just reach up to the tomatoes to simmer in it. *Don’t cover the tomatoes or the soup will be too watery
  • Stir & bring to the boil then turn down to simmer
  • Cook the ingredients until the potatoes are soft that means it’s then ready to blend.
  • Blend until smooth
  • Serve immediately or keep. It will thicken ever so slightly over the time you keep it and the flavour will remain as good as the first bowl to the last.

I like to ladle my soup from the pan to the bowl because there is something about that which I find very comforting.

The soup can be served with a little dollop of cream, yoghurt or creme fraiche and a sprinkle of chopped basil 🌿

But it is truly sufficient on its own without any addition.

The same principle could be applied to ourselves.

Ponder that.

Tomato and basil soup

Enjoy x

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