The edge the divine and the path between

Space is eternal.

Stillness exists inside and outside of everything.

I heard recently that there is more space inside something than there is stuff from which the thing is made.

That includes us.


That includes us.

I recently attended a teaching course the content of which is difficult to put into words. What was it truly about? I will have a go at trying to describe it.

Before I do try to explain, it is necessary to repeat this

by trying to define something we don’t actually define it.

Everything which we try to label as one thing is equally another. It’s difficult to use words at all.

I am finding more and more that I wish to simplify what I have to say in fewer and fewer words.

We are born, we begin to fill the mind and keep on filling it until it’s full to capacity and malfunctioning. When we begin to empty it, that’s when we find what we already had all along.


Space holds the potential for expansion.

By labelling something we reduce it, contract it and truly don’t expand it. But for the purpose of this, being a blog, words are necessary; in truth, speaking is unnecessary and all definitions are both what they are described to be and their opposite.

Everything is a paradox.

The course title:

Gateway to Teaching

We began not knowing.

Some began knowing something.

But from whatever or wherever we all came from when we entered the room we were all One.

That has become part of my daily practice. Whenever I encounter another person I see it as a chance to level myself, to be at one with that person to open my heart to that person; and whatever I learn or hear about them, I am in truth learning about myself.

I know that for sure.

What happened on the course?

I learnt to listen without speaking.

When we truly listen it allows the divine in another to flower.

I taught without plan or thought.

When we teach from the divine there is an opening in others and in ourselves.

I learnt where and when my own sense of peace and expansion first occurred in my own consciousness.

Before we are born we are Peace and tranquility.

Our journey is about finding the signpost back to our centre to enable us to work from there on in.

I found out about the edge.

The terms, on the edge, over the edge and edgy seem to have come from nowhere but in truth they come from what everybody experiences everydaytheir edges. Eckhart Tolle refers to them as the pain body.

What is it?

It is that that isn’t peaceful.

It is that that is being triggered when we are uneasy or in pain.

It is missing the mark.

It is the traits we have and the habits we have formed which we continue to repeat.

It is the part of us all which isn’t divine.

The bits we don’t like, the bits we don’t want and the bits that create discord and apparently problems for us.

It is very easy to blame someone else when something, or what somebody says, upsets us. I have done, I still do. But now knowing what I know whenever I can, I say to myself

‘Oh that’s that again why am I feeling/experiencing that?’

Allowing it whatever it is to be there is different to accepting it because accepting means being passive but allowing requires action.

If you feel ready you can go deeper with it let your consciousness go to the root of it and the reality.

As an example, one of my triggers is people telling me what to do when I already know how to do the thing in question. The edge it brings up is anger. The anger is sometimes expressed, sometimes internalised.

What can I do?

This is what I do.

Allow love into the space between the anger and the so called problem to initially dissipate the anger. Then I try to let go of the content/the story (she did, you did, he did) but I keep the edge.

See what comes through.

I learnt all the edges are gateways down. Conscious reminders of work we can do.

This has sometimes resulted in a deep realisation, an overwhelming letting go of pain in crying and a truth appears.

Sometimes this is proceeded by hilarity and laughter at the simplicity of it.

On other occasions it doesn’t shift and the edge remains. We need to keep working at this one again and again as it arises until the realisation becomes apparent.

An important aspect of this process is forgiveness. Forgiving ourselves for missing the mark and allow comfort to rest there. There is no need to relate any of this to the other person or circumstances because it is of no bearing on it. They are just the signpost not the edge itself.

Once we become aware of the edges they have less power over us and they become weaker.

To finish, what did I leave the course with?

Space within and without.

Complete belief that which someone else feels is what is felt ourselves and vice verse.

That which someone else says could be said ourselves.

That which someone else does could be done ourselves.

I am ready.

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  1. thebeginningofbeing says:

    Thank you Sarah. No not at all, there is no expectation on my part for the blog be read or responded to. If it is your wish to comment I will read it graciously. If one person reads it and digests a little that is more than enough. I hope your day has been productive. With love as always
    Love you too
    Lorraine ❤️

  2. Sarah Bonner says:

    I missed this when you first posted it, so I have come back to it on the 29th. As I must get cracking on my day and errands, I can’t give your thoughts the time they deserve right now. These are to be tasted and savored, then I’ll have to take more time to ponder.
    Just adding this note bc I wouldn’t want you to think such deep sharing of your self had been ignored!
    Love you,

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