Preparing to meet you again

When someone or something upsets you, in truth it has very little to do with the person or thing.

Whilst it isn’t ok for somebody to say something rude or derogatory to you it is exactly the same as you knocking your knee on a table. There is physical pain and in some cases mental anguish. But in truth the feelings and thoughts are bringing us a message.

Contemplate that the table is static and wooden so therefore can’t move but we may swear or curse the table or even berate ourselves for being so clumsy.

What might we feel/think if we knock into the table ?

Nothing – that’s not our trigger

Pain – the level of which dependent on your body and pain memory

Why me? – distorted self

I am clumsy – self harm

Who left that sticking out ? – blame

A person is able to choose their words and actions yet they still seem to have the capacity to choose words which may or may not upset us.

In truth we are never upset for the reason we think.

What is the true reason?

How do we find out?


Allow space between you and the trigger. Allow space in and around the response. Find your centre and let life do the rest. Your mind won’t tell you. Your feelings won’t tell you. But the truth will be revealed to you, if and when you are ready to receive it.

Each time we do this we come a little bit closer to being. We come a little bit nearer to knowing. We become more open to Nirvana.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. thebeginningofbeing says:

    I am glad you found it useful C 💕

  2. Brilliant love the clarity of this

  3. Sarah Bonner says:

    As always… wonderful insights & excellent advice.
    The table-bump sequence of possible responses is very helpful and spot on.
    And I can affirm “Allow space between you and the trigger. Allow space in and around the response. ” This is not easy—it is a skill to be developed theough awareness and practice—but it really works.
    Love you, Lorraine 😘

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